Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

If your critical systems fail or were hit with a cyber attack tomorrow how would that impact your business?

System failures, data loss, and cyber attacks are unavoidable. It’s a nightmare waiting to happen and the risk is very real. If you don’t have the correct solutions in place it could be days, weeks, or months even before normal operation is restored costing your business valuable time and money.

How can we help you?

BDNI will be able to provide you with industry leading solutions to protect your business from costly downtime.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions Include:

  • Unique, Automatic Ransomware Detection and Alerting.
  • Ability to roll back servers to moments before Ransomware attacks
  • Instant Hybrid Virtualization gets critical servers – and you – back in business right away.
  • Instant off-site virtualization.
  • Protection for both Physical and Virtual Infrastructures

Get in touch with the experts here at BDNI and let’s get your critical systems protected.